Lux Michael Kors or on Fifth Avenue

After seeing Michael Kors show for A/W 2017 I died and went to fashion heaven.  I want almost every piece from the collection, from the opening nonchalant yet elegant statement coat, paired with black button down shirt, to glossy black (watched the show and I hope-faux) fur jacket. I re-watched the show several times over.





I must admit that I went off Michael Kors for a while after half of London carried MK tote. But then I recognised it for what it was- a clever move on the designer’s part. Everyone wanted a piece of Kors- and at £300 plenty could afford it. The “real” magic is in his catwalk collections.





Why does it speak to me so much? Because Michael Kors woman is also “my” woman. Glamorous and chic. Polished and sophisticated.  She has such a strong presence, dressed in tan and black, with her radiant skin and glossy “rich girl” hair.  She will not be out of place shopping on the Fifth Avenue or booking into the Ritz in Paris. Or just, you know, poping for a pint of milk in cashmere coat and perhaps a pair of trainers.

Kors has been accused of constantly serving up similar pieces and hues. Yet when everything is said and done, trends wise, you’ll keep forever only the truly timeless pieces. And Michael Kors’ clothes are the ones to stay.

*Image via Vogue


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