Keeping up with Instagram Joneses

Last week I fell head over heels with new Dior kitten heels. As usual, I blame Instagram for all my fashion obsessions.

“They are prefect” – I thought having seen them on Instagram over and over. Why, low heel (perfect for work and walking), elegant but not frumpy, I’ll get good wear of them.

Only, will I really? Last year I- and the entire Instagram it seemed, fell in love with Chanel slingback. I was quite late to the party so they were already sold out when I was ready to spend my cash. But then I went to Paris for a fashion week and spotted a similar pair in a Chanel boutique. They were perfect, low heel, courts not sling backs so I could wear them for work, in Chanel flagship hues of beige and black. Of course, I bought them.

Did I wear them? Well, a bit. I Instagrammed them a bit, too. They are not really the best shoes for pounding London pavements so despite their low and comfortable heel they didn’t solve my “changing shoes before meeting behind some random corner” conundrum.  I love to have them but let’s just say that are more like a collectors item.

Clothes and shoes are my obsession and I easily fall prey to a next big thing on Instagram.  Eye candies, bags and shoes, making me want more, more, more rather than being happy with some beautiful things I’ve got. I need to keep myself in check, especially now when my line will take some serious cash to produce. Discipline, girl, discipline…

*Image via Vogue


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